Opportunities for Selfless Service

Serving Our Community

Everybody Eats – Free Community Meal

A major ministry of our parish since 2009. a free meal is offered to all who walk in the door.

Lenten Fasting Chain

Many parish members participate in our Lenten Fasting Chain, during which each parishioner has the opportunity to fast for a day. They then pass the fast on to the next person in the chain. The money which they would have spent on food for a day is donated to Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry.


Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

Parishioners are encouraged to bring non-perishable food each Sunday as part of our weekly offering. These basics are taken to the pantry each week for distribution to the hungry in Hancock County. St. Dunstan’s is one of several churches and organizations who participate in this spiritual practice.

Emmaus Homeless Shelter

St Dunstan’s contributes monthly to the support of this shelter. Emmaus offers some heating and housing support for families in profound need. The church also participates in an Emmaus program to provide Christmas gifts to local children in need.

The Nitty Gritty


Precision Snow Shoveling & Mowing Team

Depending upon the season, the team shovels walks and stairs and mows the grass as needed.

Church Watch Committee

Members of the parish sign up to be responsible for security and adjusting thermostats as needed.

Coffee Hour

When we are able to safely worship in person, a comfortable get together after each AM service, coffee hour is offered by various members of the Parish.

Altar Flowers

Not being a budget line item, donations and dedications for altar flowers are gratefully received.